Mermaid & Merman cradle

Hello WiSHers,

We are so happy as we managed to set up a cradle / buaian berendoi with our corporate colour for the Little Mermaid & Merman Cradle. Always wanted to see Mermaid & Merman Cradle with dark purple theme. Finally dapat buat for this client. It’s for her baby boy & she’s a part time make up artist. Cantik her Make Up. Check her out on instagram @maisyamua for her work.

merman cradle dark purple

Nampak macho sket kan dark colours? Boring asyik pastel je..haha at least something different. A few clients told us they would like to see more themes for boys. I said ok je cuma if buat cartoon characters it might look like a birthday party pulak instead of akikah & berendoi. Berendoi ni adat melayu & sepatutnya cradle tu kena boleh swing la & not static. Kalau static then it’s not a Berendoi event.

For fullmonth or naming ceremony (celebrated by the Indians & Chinese) takpe kalau cradle can’t swing or pakai baby cot je sbb adat Melayu je yg guna Berendoi.

Oh we forgot to tell you. For those who’d like a customade new cradle for your baby, u can inform us at least 2 months ahead & with a minimum RM5K budget. Simpler cradles can be done with a much lower budget.


PA & MA Magazine April 2016

We are featured in Malaysia’s Number 1 baby magazine Pa&Ma April 2016. Get your copy today. See page 108. Thank you for all the support especially to our dear WiSHers😘

pa & ma april 2016

Alhamdulillah, finally got a slot in Pa & Ma magazine in April 2016 edition. My mentor, Dr. Azizan Osman advised us to advertise in Pa & Ma magazine. Sebelum ni when we started in 2006, banyak magazine offered us for coverage tapi masa tu tak boleh nak advertise sangat since I was still working in MNC and in the Oil & Gas industry. Takut conflict of interest..haha. Now since we are finally doing this business full time, baru la boleh nak advertise..hehe

We were featured for Pa & Ma magazine’s cover in  2013 and ada  2 pages pics dulu la. Tapi lepas tu we didn’t really think much about marketing and our focus was just to make our clients happy & satisfied with our service. Alhamdulillah, most are and in fact our satisfaction was mainly when we see our clients & babies’ happy faces as we knew we have helped to make their wishes come true. That makes it all worth it.

Thank you so much for your support dear WiSHers ( what we call our fans/loyal clients).


New Packages


I’ve just created 3 new packages for our clients. Kindly see below the new packages. These packages are complete all in one package which includes the cradle / buaian / buaian berendoi for cukur jambul, grilled akikah lamb or kambing akikah golek, Arabian canopy / khemah Arabian, photographer / photography for 2 hours, photos shall be edited in cd, baju baby, tray or dulang cukur jambul etc. We’ve included free make up for mommies ..yes, you should look good too as this is an important day and should be celebrated ( Merdeka after the confinement). We have also added goodies for 100 pax to be given to the marhaban team and for your guest.

We hope we are able to help by providing this packages as it’s hassle free and you do not need to worry so much on the planning for your child’s akikah, berendoi, cukur jambul, naik buaian or berandam surai as we shall manage it for you.

Here are the 3 new packages we’ve just created. Hope you’ll like it.


panamera package

reventon packages


We have other packages that you could choose from. There’s 9 packages available. You could view the packages on the Aqiqah Berendoi & Cukur Jambul Package page.

Tahnik or Tahneek

Over 1400 years ago, when a child was born, the Prophet (PBUH) made it his sunnah to take a small part of a date and place it in his mouth. He would then chew it until it was soft and then rub it onto the palate of the new born baby. This is called Tahneek.

Today, BBC News has reported that “experts” have said – “A dose of sugar given as a gel rubbed into the inside of the cheek is a cheap and effective way to protect premature babies against brain damage”

This is why Muslims follow the sunnah of the messenger without questioning it. Science is only now discovering a tradition that was introduced 1400 years ago because Islam was and still is the forefront of development.

Link to the article –


cukur or notIntroduction (English Version, Bahasa Melayu version kat bawah)

There are many views and opinions on shaving a newborn baby’s head. Many believe by doing so, the baby’s hair will grow healthier and much more beautiful. Whereas, some are of the opinion that it will stunt the growth of the baby’s hair.

Now, which one is correct?

The Prophet s.a.w. said,

“The boy is mortgaged by his ‘Aqiqah; slaughtering should be done for him on the seventh day, he should be given a name, and his head should be shaved.”

(Jami` at-Tirmidhi Vol. 3, Book 17, Hadith 1522)


In accordance to the Sunnah, Rasulullah s.a.w. had performed the aqiqah for His grandsons, Hasan and Husin, on the seventh day after their births and had given their names and shaved their heads on the same day. Their shaved hair was weighed and the equivalent value in silver was donated to the poor. Some scholars now believe that gold can also be used to replace silver. It is also encouraged to perform the ‘tahnik’ on the seventh day after the baby’s birth.


Why is it important to shave the head? A certain greasy substance and fat from the mother’s womb usually gets stuck onto the baby’s scalp during birth and can only be properly cleaned by shaving the baby’s head. Islam encourages the act of shaving the head bald to rid of any excess from the womb which will encourage hair to re-grow much healthier. Furthermore, the baby will feel more comfortable and those who have scalp irritation can be easily monitored. There are also babies who experience scaling of the scalp or acute cradle cap. In such cases, shaving the head will make it easier for doctors to monitor and administer the proper treatment.


How to shave a baby’s head:

  1. Prepare the necessary utensils required such as a pot filled with warm water, a razor, antiseptic liquid, cotton buds and 2 towels.
  2. Clean the baby’s hair with shampoo to avoid infection should any cuts occur during shaving.
  3. Lean the baby’s head to your elbow which will ensure that there are no obstructions during shaving.
  4. Endeavour to make the baby and yourself as comfortable as possible. Eg. shave in a well-ventilated and quiet room.
  5. Wet the baby’s hair with warm water using a towel or facial cotton wool. Make sure the hair is nicely damp but not too wet.
  6. Trim the baby’s hair as short as comfortably possible before shaving to ease the process.
  7. Stretch the skin folds of the baby’s head using your index and middle fingers; and proceed to shave carefully interspersed with cleaning the remnant strands of hair on the razor with warm water.
  8. Begin with the baby facing upwards, followed by turning the baby’s head slowly backwards while a hand cradles the baby for easy viewing.
  9. In the event of an injury and to prevent further infection, dry the baby’s head first before applying the antiseptic on the wound with a cotton bud.

According to experienced caretakers, after shaving, you can apply crushed ‘daun asin’ (cekur manis) on the baby’s head to keep it cool. Many parents nowadays hold a special ceremony to shave the baby’s head, accompanied by marhaban, selawat and special recitals (berzanji) while the baby is carried around and shaved by the audience.


But what makes the occasion not in accordance to the sunnah is when the baby’s head is not completely shaved after the event and no reward is obtained by merely trimming a little of the baby’s hair.

“The baby’s head is not completely shaven at the time of the event as this may injure the child, (so) trim a little…after the guests leave (proceed) to shave all the hair, which is the sunnah. The shaved hair should then be weighed and calculate the equivalent to the price of gold or silver. Donate/sadakah the money to the needy. ” – Ustaz Azhar Idrus- From my opinion, it is not wrong to hold an aqiqah ceremony to celebrate your newborn baby.

However, it should be done moderately and without wastage. We should not unnecessarily add onto the sunnah of our beloved Prophet s.a.w. which may end up becoming something that is against the requirements of Islam. The event should not be troublesome as long as it is done within one’s means and not to show-off. From another perspective, an event such as this can strengthen family bonds with the pure intention to treat the guests with a nice simple feast. Now isn’t that wonderful? Whatever it is, being moderate is the best. May Allah protect us from ‘riak’ and any other ill intentions. Wallahualam.


As for Fairy Godmom pulak, MY SON Dpt buat sekali. Then later we met ustaz & ustazah yg ada 8 org cucu and they told us yg cucu dia genius smua siap tadika dah confident nak pegi bank..hehe. They told us cukur la sebanyak 7 kali untuk kasi baby pandai. That’s what they did to all their grandchildren. So masa my son, sayang nak cukur sbb RISAU sgt what if xtumbuh? atau lambat tumbuh so terpaksa buat sekali je.. but Fairy Godmom sgt determined.. next baby nak cukur 7 kali . bila dapat 2nd child, my daughter plak sempat buat 2 kali je..haha..not determined enough I guess sbb baby girl kan? xsabar nak bg pakai hairclips bagai n takut sangat org Tanya” ni girl ke boy?’ haha so sempat buat 2 kali saja. the 3rd one, finally buat 7 kali cukur. cukur lepas 1 week ada rambut baru tumbuh sikit2.. cukur lagi..after 1 week.. cukur I noticed memang betul ustazah tu cakap. Yg num 3 ni mcm genius sket. She’s faster than her siblings..cakap pon potpet non stop, ideas pon banyak..haha (kalau nak cerita ni kena another chapter.) and rambut pon cantik.. walaupon risau sgt nanti rambut keras la, apa la but sebenarnya ok je.cantik je rambut dia.. plus I xfaham mcm mana cukur 7 kali tu boleh bagi anak pandai but I guess, somehow process cukur tu stimulates otak kot.. Yg paling penting cukur la even though sekali je sbb not only dapat pahala n it’s something dituntut oleh agama, dapat pulak anak yg pandai and juga for health reasons. Nampak sgt agama Islam mmg suruh sbb ada reasons yg sometimes manusia mcm kita ni xmampu nak fikir pon and kita rasa apa yg kita buat dah the best padahal kalau xikut macam sangat rugi…sangat RUGI..



Credit to Puan Nusaybah Anuwar at
Credit to 126 Photos for the picture. Raisa Adelia pon dah tadika skrg. Gambar tu masa akikah dia dulu & cradle by us la ..Make A Wish Event
ok ni article in Bahasa Melayu pula

Ada banyak pendapat dan pandangan tentang mencukur rambut bayi yang baru lahir. Ramai yang menganggap apabila rambut si kecil dicukur, ia akan tumbuh dengan lebih lebat, cepat dan cantik. Tetapi, ada juga yang menyatakan bahawa, rambut bayi akan berkurangan dan lambat tumbuh.

Yang mana satu? Penting ke semua ni?

Menurut perspektif Islam pula Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda,

Tiap-tiap anak itu tergadai dengan akikahnya yang disembelih untuk dia ketika hari ketujuh dan dicukur, lalu diberi nama.”

(Hadis Riwayat Ahmad dan At-Tirmidzi)

Mengikut sunah, apa yang dilakukan oleh Baginda kepada cucunya, Hasan dan Husin, apabila jatuh hari ketujuh diadakan aqiqah adalah memberikan nama dan mencukur rambut mereka berdua. Rambut tersebut ditimbang dan disamakan dengan nilai perak dan kemudiannya disedekahkan kepada fakir miskin.

Walaubagaimanapun, ulama hari ini menyatakan, emas boleh digunakan bagi menggantikan perak. Bahkan, mengikut Islam juga, pada hari ketujuh akan dilakukan tahnik.

Sebelum itu, kenapa penting untuk mencukur rambut bayi yang baru lahir?

Kulit kepala bayi akan membawa bersama bahan gris dan lemak dari rahim ibu yang melekat semasa proses kelahiran berlaku. Ia hanya boleh dibersihkan dengan sempurna dengan cara mencukur rambut bayi tersebut. Islam menggalakkan amalan mencukur rambut bayi sehingga botak supaya segala kekotoran yang keluar daripada rahim dapat dibuang dan membolehkan rambut baru tumbuh semula dengan sihat.

Selain akan membuat si kecil berasa sejuk dan lebih selesa dengan kepala yang ringan, bayi yang mengalami gangguan kulit kepala akan lebih mudah dipantau. Ada juga bayi yang mengalami kulitbkepala bersisik atau cradle cap yang teruk. Tindakan mencukur juga akan memudahkan tugas doktor untuk melakukan pemeriksaan dan rawatan yang sewajarnya.

Cara-cara mencukur rambut bayi :

1. Sediakan barang-barang keperluan mencukur seperti besen berisi air suam, pisau cukur, cairan antiseptik, putik kapas (cotton buds) dan 2 helai tuala kecil.

2. Bersihkan rambut bayi dengan syampu untuk mengelakkan berlakunya jangkitan jika terjadinya luka semasa sedang mencukur

3. Pegang bayi dalam posisi kepalanya di siku agar tidak ada bahagian kepala yang terhalang semasa proses mencukur

4. Usahakan keadaan seselesa yang mungkin untuk anda dan bayi supaya si kecil tidak berasa kepanasan atau terganggu dengan bunyi bising

5. Basahkan rambut bayi dengan air suam menggunakan lampin atau kapas muka, jangan terlalu basah tetapi cukup sekadar melembapkannya sahaja

6. Gunting dahulu sedikit demi sedikit rambut bayi sehingga menjadi sangat pendek agar kelak mudah untuk dilakukan proses mencukur

7. Regangkan lipatan kulit kepala bayi dengan jari telunjuk dan jari tengah, kemudian barulah cukur rambut bayi secara perlahan-lahan sambil diselang-selikan dengan membersihkan saki baki rambut pada pisau yang digunakan dengan air suam

8. Mulakan dengan keadaan kepala ke atas, diikuti dengan menterbalikkan bayi dalam keadaan kepala ke belakang seperti meniarap tetapi dengan sebelah tangan yang memangku tubuh bayi di atas ribaan untuk memudahkan bahagian yang sukar dilihat

9. Sekiranya berlaku luka, keringkan kepala bayi terlebih dahulu sebelum menyapukan ubat antiseptik pada kawasan luka dengan putik kapas untuk mengelakkan jangkitan kuman

Mudah kan?Menurut kata-kata orang tua, lepas dah siap bercukur, boleh diletakkan daun asin (ada yang panggil cekur manis) yang telah dilumatkan pada kepala bayi untuk menyejukkan.

Ada juga, malah ramai ibubapa hari ini yang mengadakan majlis khas untuk mencukur rambut bayi, dengan disertai alunan marhaban, selawat dan berzanji sambil bayi didukung oleh penjaga sambil dicukur sedikit demi sedikit oleh para hadirin yang hadir.

Namun apa yang menjadikan amalan itu bukan sunnah apabila rambut bayi itu tidak dicukur sepenuhnya selepas majlis itu dan tiada pahala diperoleh daripada hanya mengunting sedikit sahaja rambut bayi yang baru lahir itu.

Memang tidak cukur masa majlis itu, kalau cukur masa itu berdarah kepala budak, guntinglah sedikit-sedikit… lepas orang balik cukur semua rambut jadilah ia sunnah. Sebaiknya rambut bayi yang dicukur itu ditimbang dan jumlah berat timbangan itu disamakan dengan harga emas atau perak. Jumlah berat rambut itu sekian sekian gram kemudian kita tengok emas atau perak berapa harganya ikut gram rambut itu, jumlahnya itu kita sedekah kepada yang memerlukan

-Ustaz Azhar Idrus-

Dari sudut lain, ia sangat bagus untuk mengeratkan hubungan sesama keluarga serta jiran tetangga yang sama-sama datang bertandang mengucapkan tahniah atas kelahiran baru tersebut. Sekadar dengan niat menjamu hidangan kepada tetamu dan hadirin.



Majlis Cukur Jambul & Skim bayaran installment /ansuran

Assalamualaikum mommies & daddies ( jarang la bapak baca blog kan? but if u do, wow..great)

I was wondering… kadang2 Majlis Cukur Jambul ni macam perlukan budget yang besar jugak kan? Seeloknya kita buat ikut kemampuan kita and of course kemampuan tu subjective. Some parents rasa buaian / cradle RM5K berbaloi & mampu milik. Sesetengah yang lain maybe rasa cukup buat event akikah ikut sunat yg dituntut saja pon dah memadai. Ada sesetengah parents ( macam FGM..HEHE) rasa yang akikah, cukur jambul & berendoi ni perlu celebrate sebab it’s a very important event plus akikah, berendoi/ naik buaian atau cukur jambul ni once in a lifetime sama macam wedding jugak. Jadi untuk yang mampu, apa salahnya kita celebrate / meraikan anugerah yang Allah kurniakan.

Some parents have to wait 7-8 years baru dapat baby. Ada yg tunggu tapi sampai sekarang xde rezeki. Ada yg nasib baik, dapat sampai 7-8! Alhamdulillah & walau apapon, kita mesti bersyukur atas apa yang Allah dah tentukan sebab ada hikmah and “Tidak Allah jadikan sesuatu dengan sia-sia”.

Mestilah sangat happy dapat baby kan? especially ada yang dah tunggu lama. Nak celebrate buat Birthday kena tunggu setahun…haha. Yang penting buat sunat yg dituntut dulu ( penamaan, tahnik, cukur rambut & diakikahkan ) pada hari ke7,14, 21 and so on.

yang tu basic. yang berendoi / naik buaian ni apa pulak? It’s more on our Malay culture. To celebrate and untuk kenalkan baby kita to everyone. Ada marhaban / selawat /doa untuk kesejahteraan baby dunia akhirat. It’s more untuk celebrate la lebih kurang and tangkap gambar ni nanti boleh simpan utk wedding montage anak kita esok.. don’t freak out ok.lambat lagi..haha

FGM rasa mcm nak lessen burden parents untuk celebrate akikah, berendoi, naik buaian & cukur jambul ni. Ok x kalau Make A Wish Event introduce installment to help parents. Kadang2 mak2 la teringin nak buaian cantik, exclusive, safe and comfortable untuk baby. Ada setengah mak yang dah teringin and mengidam buaian ni masa tengah pregnant lagi. So FGM rasa nak tulong make their wishes come true. We shall introduce an installment scheme without interest ( xde riba ye.) Ni semua mentor FGM punya pasal, Dr. Azizan Osman. Dr. Azizan cakap, walau apa yg kita buat kita mesti fikir macam mana we can add value to others and senang kan org sekeliling kita, nanti Allah pon tolong kita balik, InsyaAllah.

Macam ok x? Senang sikit kan? Parents boleh start bayar monthly sikit2 (RM150-300 a month)sebelum event. Tapi kena plan awal..and buaian berendoi boleh pilih yang suit your budget.

Kalau ada yang interested, boleh la whatsapp FGM (019 342 7072) untuk discuss further

-Your very own Fairy Godmom

ps: mcm best je tulis blog ni rupanya..haha









We don’t want u to feel frustrated for not having the right cradle /buaian berendoi for your precious newborn’s big day.

We have clients who have booked our service right after knowing that she’s pregnant. 😳 She did it because she was frustrated that she couldn’t get the cradle / buaian berendoi that she wanted for her previous child as we were fully booked that whole month.

so book early to avoid disappointment as we only have 1 set of cradle for each design. plus, we are having our ONCE A YEAR PROMOTION now..

Don’t miss out on this offer. You have until 31st December 2015 to book your slots before promotion ends. Attractive giveaways awaits..

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Expecting a baby?

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New Year Promotions 2016


Giving birth is not an easy task, I know, gone through it 3 times. Magically, the pain vanishes the moment you look at those pair of beautiful eyes and fall in love all over again. You want to give the whole world and all the best things in life. We understand that and we believe you should. Your child deserves the best and we are here to make your wish come true.

After all the pain and sleepless nights, going though confinement in a strict routine drenched in jamu, stuffed with garlic, ginger, tied up in bengkung, rationed food and deprived of comfort, don’t you think you deserve to be pampered and wishes granted? You should celebrate… and what better way than to give yourself and your child a timeles and beautiful cradle to celebrate your child’s first momentous event i.e. aqiqah, berendoi, naik buaian, naming ceremony, full month, tahnik & cukur jambul. If you are in KL & Selangor we have good news for you. We’re having our ONCE-A-YEAR Cradle Promotions now till 31st December 2015. Your events can be from now till end of next year, 31st December 2016. Whatsapp your Fairy Godmom for details. What are you waiting for? You definitely do not want to miss this. My magic wand is waiting..,
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