Hi princes, princesses, mommies & dads !

I’ve got good news for u! We have new cradle designs for 2010. Please email me ur email, date & venue for your akikah event, baby’s name & contact number  & I shall provide you with some of the designs for 2010 together with the pricing. We also will provide free tray for merenjis for akikah as well as the akikah dress for princesses F.O.C!!! Hurry as this promotion is valid till  31st JULY 2010.


Fairy Godmother

akikah tray, cukur jambul


8 thoughts on “NEW CRADLE DESIGNS 2010

  1. ape eh email u..hehe i nak tau pasal the cradle designs bole coz im planning to do the akikah on 31st july 🙂 i’ve provided my e-mail so kindly please revert to my email ya..thanks


  2. Hi,
    Pls e-mail me the quotation for akikah package.I’m planning to have the event on 19.12.10.Pls provide the latest design for the cradle also.Tq!


  3. Hi there,I just wanna check whether do u rent it to Singapore customer as I’m interested to rent the baby cradle frm u and pls give me the quotation too. Thnk u.


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