New Year Promotions 2016


Giving birth is not an easy task, I know, gone through it 3 times. Magically, the pain vanishes the moment you look at those pair of beautiful eyes and fall in love all over again. You want to give the whole world and all the best things in life. We understand that and we believe you should. Your child deserves the best and we are here to make your wish come true.

After all the pain and sleepless nights, going though confinement in a strict routine drenched in jamu, stuffed with garlic, ginger, tied up in bengkung, rationed food and deprived of comfort, don’t you think you deserve to be pampered and wishes granted? You should celebrate… and what better way than to give yourself and your child a timeles and beautiful cradle to celebrate your child’s first momentous event i.e. aqiqah, berendoi, naik buaian, naming ceremony, full month, tahnik & cukur jambul. If you are in KL & Selangor we have good news for you. We’re having our ONCE-A-YEAR Cradle Promotions now till 31st December 2015. Your events can be from now till end of next year, 31st December 2016. Whatsapp your Fairy Godmom for details. What are you waiting for? You definitely do not want to miss this. My magic wand is waiting..,
Hurry! First 10 clients will receive RM700 worth of giveaways


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