New Packages


I’ve just created 3 new packages for our clients. Kindly see below the new packages. These packages are complete all in one package which includes the cradle / buaian / buaian berendoi for cukur jambul, grilled akikah lamb or kambing akikah golek, Arabian canopy / khemah Arabian, photographer / photography for 2 hours, photos shall be edited in cd, baju baby, tray or dulang cukur jambul etc. We’ve included free make up for mommies ..yes, you should look good too as this is an important day and should be celebrated ( Merdeka after the confinement). We have also added goodies for 100 pax to be given to the marhaban team and for your guest.

We hope we are able to help by providing this packages as it’s hassle free and you do not need to worry so much on the planning for your child’s akikah, berendoi, cukur jambul, naik buaian or berandam surai as we shall manage it for you.

Here are the 3 new packages we’ve just created. Hope you’ll like it.


panamera package

reventon packages


We have other packages that you could choose from. There’s 9 packages available. You could view the packages on the Aqiqah Berendoi & Cukur Jambul Package page.


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