Mermaid & Merman cradle

Hello WiSHers,

We are so happy as we managed to set up a cradle / buaian berendoi with our corporate colour for the Little Mermaid & Merman Cradle. Always wanted to see Mermaid & Merman Cradle with dark purple theme. Finally dapat buat for this client. It’s for her baby boy & she’s a part time make up artist. Cantik her Make Up. Check her out on instagram @maisyamua for her work.

merman cradle dark purple

Nampak macho sket kan dark colours? Boring asyik pastel je..haha at least something different. A few clients told us they would like to see more themes for boys. I said ok je cuma if buat cartoon characters it might look like a birthday party pulak instead of akikah & berendoi. Berendoi ni adat melayu & sepatutnya cradle tu kena boleh swing la & not static. Kalau static then it’s not a Berendoi event.

For fullmonth or naming ceremony (celebrated by the Indians & Chinese) takpe kalau cradle can’t swing or pakai baby cot je sbb adat Melayu je yg guna Berendoi.

Oh we forgot to tell you. For those who’d like a customade new cradle for your baby, u can inform us at least 2 months ahead & with a minimum RM5K budget. Simpler cradles can be done with a much lower budget.



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