We place great importance on our customers satisfaction. Below are some of the comments we’ve received from our customers.



37 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Make A Wish Babies turned our little prince’s qiqah ceremony into a beautiful event with their unique design and one-of-a-kind buai that everyone absolutely adored! It added a touch of fairytale charm to it with the lovely flowers and cutesy teddy bear decos.. compliments to the fairy godmother and her team and thank you for making our event a memorable one! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚


  2. We wanted something special for our first daughter and Make A Wish Babies team definitely delivered it! The buaian was dreamy, beautiful and elegant. Our daughter, Aryssa, enjoyed looking at the colourful butterflies, pretty flowers and cute teddybears. We definitely recommend to all parents out there looking for an excellent event team for aqiqah etc. Make A Wish Babis definitely deserves 2 thumbs up πŸ™‚


  3. We would like to say thank you to Yani&Boy and ur team as well.Alhamdulillah..our majlis berjalan lancar. My son, Aqil Fahim behave on tat day..really excited dgn ur sweet cradle, lgpun dia ni mmg suka people pay attention dkt dia. Ok Yani, have a good rest n congratulation dgn kelahiran chy mata yg kedua ini.
    To all the momies and dadies there, please welcome to Make A wish Event seeing your precious tots looking so adorable and cute on their big day.


  4. Thank u to Yani & Boy and your team for making our majlis aqiqah berjalan lancar. The food was sooooo goooodddd!!!!! I recommended all parents yang nak buat akikah kambing choose Kambing masak Kuzi and also Kambing masak Nepal…sedap sangat!!..all our guest memang puji kesedapan makanan and also the cradle decoration..

    Thanks again for making our son Aus Thaqif Ziqry big day a sweet and a memorable one… πŸ™‚


  5. I would like thank K.Yani and Abg Ahsraf for their wonderful service. The cradle was so beautiful,sweet and elegant. The cradle was really beyond my expectation. Everyone who had attended my daughter’s Aqiqah and Naming ceremony was so impressed with the cradle and the flower arrangements. This is the first function for my daughter, Misha Queryna and Alhamdulillah everything turns out well. Thank you so much K.Yani. I am sure the function will be one of the most wonderful and sweetest memory in my daughter’s life..Once again, Thank you so much to MakeAWishBabies..


  6. Dear Fairy Godmother & Godfather of Afiya,

    Thank You soooooo much for the wonderful event you have made for our Little Princess. We enjoyed it, and so were the guests. Both grandparents approved. Our Little Princess behaved as she was amazed with all the gorgeous flowers and her beautiful & comfy ‘buai’.

    Definitely we will ‘make a wish’ again for our next coming Little Prince πŸ˜‰

    Highly recommend MakeAWishBabies as they will try their very best to make your wish come true πŸ™‚

    Thanks again…….


  7. A bunch of thanx to yani and her team for being part of my daughter’s aqiqah ceremony..
    their cradle was so sweet and all the guests were very impressed with the lovely cradle..its really worth it to have u guys as part of us on that special day..
    for mommies out there, u can trust them to create the joy for your memorable event..
    credit to u guys for ur friendly and reliable service..
    two thumbs up!! πŸ˜‰


  8. Thanks to Yani and Boy for prroviding such a great service. U and ur team have done a good job. Families and guests are all very surprise with the cradle… macam di kayangan… The event gwent well n happening… even some says macam kenduri kahwin. Maybe bcoz of the twins. Truely they are the Little Prince & Princess on that day.
    Memang pueh hati… berbaloi-baloi…
    Keep up the good work.


  9. Salam All!!

    I hired Make a Wish Team to make a cradle for my 1st baby, prince Ezarif Shamil bin Mohd Ezwin Azraai in February 2010, for potong jambul/Aqiqah ceremony. The cradle was SUPERB!! Semua yg datang kenduri Zarif puji buaian sangat cantek+eksklusif sebab tak pernah tengok lagi buaian secantek tu untuk kenduri potong jambul/Aqiqah. Many thanks to Yani and Boy for their EXCELLENT job!! (Applause..hehehe)..They have shown high commitment in delivering the service to clients although Yani nye pewot dh besau gak time tu (7mths preggy kalo tak silap)..Insyaallah, I will hire them again for the next baby (maybe in 2yrs time?) =)


  10. Salam U all,

    Hi, just finished my son’s Akikah Ceremony held at Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan. The theme was blue & lemon green. I used Little Merman cradle since its a boy. It was simple but WOW, ini mesti mahal! But no, no, no it was reasonable.

    Yani i can described as a very understanding & patient person, i can tell since i’m a fussy & detailed lady. So berurusan laa dengan dia, sangat-sangat best!

    The Little Mermaid/Merman cradle is suitable for people who wants simple, something different, eyes catching & with certain budget. The set up was so “cutie the pie” that i feel like getting pregnant again…hehehe. But I will definitely ask Yani for my 3rd baby’s cradle, insyAllah.

    Pendek kata, i will personally recommend Make A Wish Team, and Yani u are truly my children’s Fairy God Mother. Muaahhhsss!


  11. Dedicated special to Yani & Boy,
    A full bunch of love & thankful for making my day =) Majlis Aqiqah,potong jambul dan berendoi 1st baby kami sangat meriah. The little price&princess cradle really was awesome!! and the budjet memang berbaloi..semua orang puji betapa cantiknya buai untuk baby boy, “macam pengantin” kata mereka.. Alhamdulillah,majlis pun berjalan baik.
    I truely suggest for mummy&daddy out there who wants a dream come true for their adorable prince@princess will love the magical touch by Make A wish Team!
    Thanks again, muahhhhhhhhs!!!!


  12. Hai ALL……..

    Juz finished my princess Nik Areyssa Alya Akikah Ceremony held at Teratak Bonda Pel Klg. The theme was Pink + White called ” Pocahontas & D Garden Fairy” .

    It was soooooo awesome and lovely…… we all like it very much…..as this is my first ceremony for my very first daughter…..i really2x satisfied with the works!!!! Thanks a lot to Make a Wish Team…

    Kak Yani….Good JOB!!! will c u in my daughter 1st birthday party next year……insyAllah…

    Mommy Areyssa


  13. Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

    Thank u to yani for the cradle and the food..actually my event was held on NOVEMBER 2010. Ni kira backdated testimony.

    The cradle was so beautiful yani…the theme for backdrop yg u suggest mmg sesuai for both babies. Bila all the light are on, lagi lah cantik. i sgt2 berpuas hati. Anak i sgt attracted to the hang butteflies. Kalau boleh dia nak grab je…tp apakan daya…As u know i buat akikah tu utk 2 babies. They really look sweet je bila letak kan dlm cradle tuh. Cuma 1 je lah…bantal u provide 1 je. I hope in future u boleh provide 2 bantal if requested by customers sbb I prefer kepala baby alas bantal.

    Food plak sedap..ramai guest puji and menu yg i paling suka is ayam cabai…marv…and ur caterer punya service mmg bagus…food dpt before event time and we are very satisfied with the service given by them.

    I’ll definitely will choose ur service again next time…kalau ader rezeki lagi. Thanks again for your services.

    Take care and gud luck,


  14. thanks so much yanie.. your cradle, and backdrop are awesome…everyone puji. thanks so much for making my daughter aqiqah a very memorable event. hugss


  15. Kak yani.. tq so much for the cradle and catering.. its was soo beautiful and the food was delicious.. ramai je kawan2 i tanya2 dah.. i promote u.. :).. the yellow colors is reallly nice!.. really pops!.. i sgt suka.. nura tak nangis lansung.. siap leh tido dlm tu.. heheh.. i risau gak mula2 takut dia taknak duduk dlm tu.. but she enjoyed it.. pandai kak yani buat the cradle so comfortable.. :).. ammara pun leh layan duduk dlm tu tau.. hehe..

    Thankyou again to you and the team for making Nura’s Aqiqah a beautiful and memorable one..


  16. I wanted a simple but stylish cradle for my son’s akikah. The tinkerbell with chesterfield backdrop was a perfect choice. The extra deco sgtla comey. Love it very much πŸ™‚ Thanks Yani and team. Bravo for the service!


  17. Make A Wish team…tq very much for the lovely cradle…sume org sgt2 tertarik dgn keunikan cradle tu…siap leh promote lg…walaupun sedikit terkilan coz xdpt amik catering skali tp i really appreciate ur hard work for making my cukur jambul event a big success…
    TQ so much n definitely will recommend u to others…


  18. TQ Yani and Ashraf for this beautiful setup.. Everybody loved it.. Even Izz enjoyed sitting/sleeping in it…


  19. Make A Wish team is : Perfection.

    You guys made everything smooth and easy breezy for me! Will post pics soon on fb. Thanks Yani & Ashraf


  20. Dear yani the best fairy godmother ever,
    thank you so much for your wonderful tinkerbell cradle and extra decorations and extra discounts and extra kira cincai2.. Tak regret lgsg pilih make a wish,

    i will recommend you to my friends, and definitely for my next! πŸ˜‰


  21. Thank you for the beautiful cradle and your wonderful service, dear fairygodmother!:)

    feel free to view the beautiful photos on my profile (fb) n grab any one u like..hehe


  22. Yani,thank you so much for the Cinderella Cradle for our darling princess’s cukur jambul on 12 November 2011. Everybody wanted to take photos with the cradle


  23. To Ashraf and Yanie.Thank you so much for making Raisa Adelia’s day perfect and special. We couldn’t ask for anything more. The ceremony was absolutely amazing and gorgeous. The cradle,the flowers,the canopies and also your professional photographer(irene)was exactly what we imagined and asked for. Thank you for working with us and being so patient. Everything was a seamless process like you promised.We look forward to working with you again one day insyallah.Thank You:-)


  24. Salam yanie n ashraff, thank u for your wonderful n lovely charming cradle, we loved it so muchh πŸ™‚ definitely wud recommend you to my family and friends.. Thanks again!!


  25. Thank you for your service. The cradle was beautiful and my my girls loved it. Lots of compliments from family and friends too. I will sure recommend friends who are looking for cradle to you. Wishing you all the best in your business. Thank you for being part of my girls special day!



  26. Thank you so much Yani & MakeAWishBabies team for such a great job. The whole cradle & deco is wonderful… We immediately fell in love! You’re right, it looks much more amazing in real life than pictures. Just like how we wished for the color, deco & theme to be. It was all just over the phone + via email…and u made it come true. Good professional service too…Makes us one happy customer πŸ™‚


  27. The preparations and decorations on my daughters majlis held in Royal Bintang Curve on recent September was a great and beautiful setting. Good remarks from my guess attended the Majlis Berendoi & Aqiqah…


  28. Yani…….

    You & your team Make A Wish Event hv done a gud job!!

    Jatuh cinta sgt2 wh ur Cinderella Cradle for Wahida Zarifah Amalin’s aqiqah ceremony on Feb 2014 – my 1st time deal wh Yani…. Zarifah enjoyed looking @ the butterflies crystal yg bling… bling… The food from Hilal was so good… For Wardina Zahirah Batrisyia’s aqiqah ceremony on April 2016 we all nk smthg different dari kakaknya dulu, so we all pilih Antoinette Cradle & for food this time we all pilih D’Ara Catering n makanan/service yg diberikan mmg terbaik n harga yg berpatutan…

    The whole cradle & deco is wonderful juz like how we wished for the color, deco & theme to be… Wahida Zarifah Amalin & Wardina Zahirah Batrisyia’s aqiqah ceremony was absolutely amazing & gorgeous… It was all juz over the phone n u made it come true…

    Tq so much for making Wahida Zarifah Amalin & Wardina Zahirah Batrisyia’s day perfect & special… Everyone who had attend my daughter’s aqiqah ceremony was so impressed with the cradle & deco…

    We definitely recommend Make A Wish Event to all parenz out there as they will try their very best to make your WISH COME TRUE…πŸ’‹


  29. A big warm bear hug to Yani and the team for your generosity and wonderful service! Alhamdulillah my daughter’s aqiqah majlis went well and the cradle menambahkan seri to the whole event. My MIL was so pleased with the angelic princess cradle in pastels, her fav. Also great recommendation on the shades of grey background. Looked so DREAMY once the spotlights were on😍 All invitees could not resist taking pictures with the cradle decor because too cantik!. Thank you so much MakeA Wish!May your business berkembang maju even more, Amin. Will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Would love to have you again for my future kiddos, insyaallah. 2 thumbs up to MakeAWishEvent!


  30. i am very satisfied with make a wish service..u guys make such a lovely deco with the sweet colors combination & so warm with the client πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š the cradle was so pretty and looks very2 pretty in the pictures..thanks yani & team!!


  31. Assalamualaikum yani.. Nk komen sikit ni psl makeawishevent team. Hihi.

    First of all, tq for making my wish come true. Sesuai ngn nama makeawishevent. Secondly, tq for setting up the craddle n theme so nice n amazing. Sgt2 puas hati. Thirdly, tq for putting up the best tho last min booking. All of guest ckp food sgt sedap, lan the photographer pon so nice stayback more than 2 hours, gmbr cantik, all of ur team very friendly n helpful. Makeup yg sgt cantik smpai org confuse btol ke still dlm pantang sbb cantik sgt. Haha thanx to maisya.

    Pakej yg u provide is definitely a value added to a mother dlm confinement cm i ni. appreciate sgt. Xyah pening2 n ur team do the rest of the job to make my wish come true.

    Thank you again. Would love to work with u again if beranak lg. Haha. I wish u all the best ya πŸ˜„


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